EVA Flooring Systems

Expanded EVA is used in flooring for animals, mats for cow cubicles comfort. Installed in stables, this flooring system is considered one of the most comfortable on the market. Thanks to its structure of micro air cells, EVA is spongy and flexible, providing the animal with unbeatable comfort, highest levels of cushioning, insulation and protection.  We offer a wide range of mixtures, textures, thicknesses and dimensions of mats that can be adapted to the different types of livestock facilities.

Together with our flooring range, we present a complete fixing and installation systems for our EVA mats, using different types of profiles and bolts, designed specifically to guarantee the correct installation and preservation of the system.

Product Advantages

Comfort & Protection

Expanded EVA (flexibility + sponginess) is recognized as the most comfortable dairy flooring system on the market. Due to its million micro air cells structure, creates unequal comfort and protection to the animal.


Due to its non-porous structure, our mats are non-liquid-absorbent and very easy to wash, clean and desinfect, preventing any posible bacteria growth.

Anti-Slip Surfaces

Specific textures on mat surface provides the animal with a perfect foothold during the processes of lying down and standing up, increasing lying comfort and reducing posible injuries, sores and animal stress.

Thermal Insulation

The mat helps to maintain optimal body temperature insulating the animal from any type of floor and from termal differences around the stable.

Easy Installation

Different options of installations: from simple screws/bolt fixations to specially developed profiles systems.

Karey Mat

Textures and specifications



120 x 185 cm


20 mm (texture+studs)
30 mm (texture+studs)


Black, Brown


20 mm > 4 kg/m˛
30 mm > 5,6 kg/m˛



120 x 185 cm


20 mm (texture+studs)
30 mm (texture+studs)


Black, Brown


20 mm > 4 kg/m˛
30 mm > 5,6 kg/m˛



120 x 185 cm


10/15 mm (texture/sanded)
20/30 mm (both sides texture)




20 mm > 4 kg/m˛
30 mm > 5,6 kg/m˛



120 x 185 cm


30 mm (texture+studs)
25 mm (texture+smooth)




30 mm > 9,5 kg/m˛
25 mm > 8,5 kg/m˛


Four Edges Squared

EVA Dairy Flooring System installation is very easy and quick. The mat in 30/32 or 20/22 mm thickness is normally nailed to the concrete of the stall with 3-4 anchors (nails) on the top part of the mat.

Interlocking on Long Edge

Interlocking mats are mainly used for continuous areas on the stall. With this system we avoid the use of metal hardware reducing time of installation and costs.

Profile T-Bar

Easy and safe installation thanks to our rubber profiles, anchored by screw/plug to the concrete. Our T–Bars are specially designed to be used together with our mats for a perfect fitting on different cubicles spaces. Manufactured in soft and hard rubber versions and customized in length (120-160-185 cm long).

Installation &
Maintenance Recommendations

Once the mat is installed, dimensional changes on any EVA Flooring System are considered normal. Due to the polymeric raw materials, expansions on width and length on the mats happen over the course of the first year of use. Therefore is required, and absolutely imperative, when installing to leave an (*) expansion space between mats of approximated 3–5 cm.

When the last mat in the raw is against a wall, is recommended to leave a space from the mat to the wall. As the EVA Flooring System expands in width and also in length away from the anchors, is recommended to also leave a space of 5-8 cm from the back part of the mat to the alley. If when installing there is any obstacle on the stall, cut the mat around the obstacle always leaving 5cm space to its front. Periodically, if the mat shows any sign of expansion, as mats grow into each other, it is recommended to trim with a sharp cutting knife the edges of the mat.

Cauchos Karey recommends these installation procedures as well as keeping the right mat maintenance by a daily cleaning of the stall and surface of the mat as well as controlling possible expansion in order to maintain the right performance of the product during its usable life. Cauchos Karey will never be responsible for any inappropriate installation, trimming or misunderstandings of these installation instructions.

Bio-M System

Introducing Bio-M System, a flooring system for livestock inspired by Biomimetics — the science that studies nature and applies the results in order to develop new technologies and solve the problems that arise in our environment.

The result is an integrated system that can be installed in a very innovative, convenient and simple way. Using various component parts made from different polymers and elastomers produced using state-of-the-art injection and curing techniques, animals can be provided with the comfort, hygiene and thermal insulation that is essential for improving their daily wellbeing on the farm, while increasing their productivity.

Comprised of two main elements — Cow Mat and Spacer Profile — Bio-M System makes possible for any farmer to install the system with a quick and simple assembly process. In addition, and as discussed above, the special design conceived for each part will provide optimal quality of life for the cows with the consequent advantages for the cow welfare.

Product Features

Integrated system

This is the first and only integrated animal flooring system on the market that has all the parts necessary for the proper housing of animals in maximum comfort. Its scientifically studied design accurately conforms to the needs of the animal, making Bio-M a revolutionary system. Thanks to the innovative installation method and floor anchor fittings, your installer saves time and effort in placing or replacing elements, offering a turnkey solution.

Comfort and protection

Thanks to the internal structure of the Cow Mats made from expanded EVA copolymer, consisting of micro-cells of air, the animal kept in a stable with this type of floor enjoys unparalleled protection and comfort, far superior to any other existing flooring or material.

Easy installation

Thanks to the design of each of the pieces, profiles and fittings that make up the system, the installation of our Bio-M System is easy and simple for the installer and safe for the animal. All the hardware and parts necessary for the correct installation of the floor system are supplied by Cauchos Karey.

Resistance and durability

By treating the bottom surface of the Cow Mat completely independently thanks to the possibilities offered by dual-density EVA and the design geometry based on the animals’ support points, we have managed to make the Bio-M Cow Mat, a product with better durability and reduced expansion, improving other similar products on the market.

Thermal insulation

The internal structure of the expanded EVA copolymer is a chain of trapped air cells that helps to isolate the animal from temperature differences in the stables, maintaining optimal body temperature.


The geometry of the Cow Mat’s surface has been developed as a result of various studies, meaning that our Cow Mat is the livestock flooring that best meets the needs of hygiene and care of cows by promoting correct aeration. Easy to clean surface, non-absorbent and with a drainage system that prevents the accumulation of liquids and, therefore, the proliferation of bacteria.

Components —
Cow mat

The Bio-M System Cow Mat is dual-density EVA surface divided into two layers, upper and lower, each 15 mm thick, which takes advantage of this difference in densities to provide comfort for the cow while at the same time increasing the durability of the material.

The design of the top surface of the Cow Mat takes its origin from the direct imitation of different plant leaves and how their structures form a perfect drainage system for evacuating excess surface liquid. Accordingly, the geometry we have adopted employs a broad central channel and side branches which collect and quickly evacuate the liquids to which the material is exposed, such milk and urine, in addition, to favouring the aeration of the animal’s underside. This also avoids the proliferation and concentration of bacteria and parasites. Finally, the texture of the Cow Mat provides a non-slip surface, providing the cow with additional safety and comfort.

The lower part, made from higher density material, is designed with a geometry similar to the sole of a sports shoe. Having studied how cows support their weight on the surface, we noticed a great difference in the wear of the different parts of the Cow Mat. Therefore, knowing that some areas will never be trodden by the cattle and that others will suffer considerable wear, particularly the support points for standing up, we have reinforced these areas to ensure that the useful life of the product is extended.

For this reason, the lower surface of the Cow Mat has different sized pads arranged in a design that supports the weight of the animal and reduces wear in the areas where greater pressure is applied.

Components — Spacer Profile

When laying the Cow Mats along the stable floor they are affixed on either side using an elastomer joint slotted into a previously fitted profile.

When installing the Cow Mats, we have allowed for a separation or expansion gap that, with the passage of time, will enable the Cow Mats to expand laterally a few centimetres. Our Spacer allows this gap to be plugged, completely sealing the animal’s cubicle and preventing the accumulation of dirt in this area.

Our spacers consist of 2 elements. A profile anchored by screws to the floor and the spacer joint that slots into such profile.

Side Edge Mat Installation

  • Place the plastic profile between each two mats leaving approximated 1 cm to each mat edge (8 cm between each mat).

  • Use the profile marks to help you when marking and drilling into the concrete cleaning the drilling dust after it.

  • Fix the profile to the concrete with the anchoring hardware using a socket wrench or similar. (!) We recommend when tightening the anchor on the concrete to leave it embedded and leveled at the plastic profile for better impact absorption.

  • Press into the plastic profile the rubber joint to seal the expansion gap between mats and final closure of the Bio-M system.

Final Bio-m System Installation

Parlour Tiles

Our EVA TILES are the perfect combination of shock absorption and isolation providing the best solution for comfort  parlour flooring.

Who we are?

  • Established in 1986, this company part of the Group Karey presents the clear evidence of the development and unique philosophy of the Group. Fully dedicated to expanded EVA (Ethylene-Vynil-Acetate) and vulcanized rubber manufacturing. Cauchos Karey is equipped with a large-scale plant divided into two separate production lines, based on its own developed technology. A continuous effort on research and development pursues improvements on the quality of every product that manufactures. The company targets both, the traditional footwear industry and new markets and technical industries worldwide where the specific features of their materials may be required and demanded.
  • The company facilities cover an area of 15,000 m2, dedicated to the manufacturing of current products and the Research, Development and Innovation of new ones, meaning that the company is able to offer a series of materials and products with an endless range of applications in different industries, as well as a great capacity to meet the most challenging demands from our customers. This high level of production and extensive distribution network guarantee the customer a speedy, reliable service both in Spain and abroad. Many years of experience in the market and a high production capacity have contributed to the company's leading position in the country and have helped create its strong international image, backed up by the quality of its products and personalised customer service.
  • Currently, Cauchos Karey is dedicating a large part of their efforts towards reaching out to new industries and developing new applications derived from their products. The immediate consequence of these efforts is the manufacturing and distribution of Cauchos Karey's materials in markets which have up until now been unexplored by the primary sector. New requirements in the sectors of industrial design, sports, sailing, automobile, traffic management, orthopaedics, flooring, packaging, advertising, etc., combined with trends and new consumer preferences, mean that Cauchos Karey's materials can be seen in more and more places every day, many of them previously unimaginable.

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